Make Money When You Upload on Speed Share

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Prices mentioned above are per 1000 downloads
Tier 1United States, United Kingdom, Canada
Tier 2Germany, Australia, France, Italy
Tier 3Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Norway
Tier 4All other countries

Rules and Restrictions

  • Payments are made through Paypal
  • Minimum payment is 20$.
  • Do not abuse the reward system
  • We reserve the right to modify the Earn money program at any time without prior notice.
  • Payments are made on 15 days net basis.
  • (From the day of requesting money it would take up to 15 days for getting paid.
  • Views and downloads are reported in real time, check your report section.
  • There is a limit to money generated by a unique IP per day (24 hours) to prevent cheating.
  • All file sizes are counted.
  • We pay only for completed downloads/views. (At least 20%)
  • Files must be correspondent to our terms of service.